EUROPARTNERFlange connection design and calculation becomes nowdays more and more complicated. Designers can chose from many of standards and norms describing different algorithms to follow to calculate such a flange connection. Frequently they face necessity to calculate one simple connection accordingly to two or more calculation standards. In usage there are up to now used algotithms like ASME, AD-Merkblatt, WUDT or, more and more in usage, latest designing EN standards including most popular EN 1591-1. This norm seems to be most accurate follow now because of two main reasons. First is that its calculation algorithm precisely describes working of flange connection both in assembly and operating conditions. Second is that EN 1591-1 complies new european directives.

Trying to cover both latest calculation standards as well as already long time used algorithms, EUROPARTNER TEAM presents new EUROPARTNER® engineer software. It was created as a tool to support flange connection designing and calculating process, including also selection of the one and proper gasket to be used. The EUROPARTNER® software can be used not only as processing with strength calculation but also treated as expert and designing application.

Currently available software EUROPARTNER® is covering seven calculation standards EN 1591-1:2013, EN 1591-1+A1:2009/AC, EN 1591-1, EN 13445-3 Annex G, WUDT-UC-WO/19 and /20, ASME Code s. VIII, AD-2000 Merkblatt. Massive information about flanges, faces, bolts, gaskets and gasketing materials enable to do fast design of whole flange connection. Next calculation standards will be implemented: EN 13445-3 (part: falnge calculation).